5 People You Meet at Vienna’s Swimming Spots



The summer is fast approaching and when the temperature rises, the people of the city all make their way to the closest thing to decent air-conditioning that Vienna has to offer, the Danube and other swimming spots. While my family usually spends the majority of the summer in the States, we do get chances in both early and late summer to catch some time in the water. Vienna has an amazing amount of great places to get cool, but that does not always mean that the people you see there will be 😉 Here’s a playful look at the five people you will meet at Vienna’s swimming pools and beaches:

1) The old guy in the Speedo. An old man rocking the Speedo with a belly so big that at first glance it actually looks like he’s naked. This man is most likely also an incredible shade of leather brown with skin texture to match.
2) The macho man. Perpetually without a shirt, this man roams and wonders like he owns the place. He does not swim but rather struts around, only occasionally stopping to do some push-ups or hit the chin-up bar.
3) The busy mom. A blanket spread out and covered in sand. Food in all sorts of containers but no match for the ice cream at the buffet. Cries of “Mama, look at this!” constant in between constant coaching and splash refereeing. A good summer read dying to be read but will not get touched except by sticky little fingers. Aka, me with my kids at the pool/beach.
4) The fitness crew. A group of tan and fresh youths just kickin’ it and relaxing between various fitness fun rounds of soccer, volleyball and any other sport that is physically demanding enough to match their physiques. Girls tend towards bikini and little short-short combos and guys manage a tank top that comes off for the game. Sunglasses permanent and they never look they actually sweat despite all their activities. Yes, I am jealous.
5) The love birds. The fresh air just too much for the couple in love, these two spend most of the day making out as if there was not half the city there to see. Most likely accompanied by pop music coming from their phones and giggles of kids from busy moms when they walk by.

Clearly, the trips are worth their while simply for the great people watching. Here’s my top 5 favorite spots for families that include busy moms like me (in no particular order):
1) Krapfenwaldlbad With many pools, lots of shade and bouncy fun, this makes for a great outing.
2) Neuwaldegger Pool Neuwaldeggerbad This 1920s styled pool is a quiet retreat with a good buffet as well.
3) Gaensehaeufel On the Old Danube, this large beach caters to everyone (even the naked crew!).
4) Therme Wien Thermal Baths Vienna Expensive but expansive, this bath has both indoor and outdoor options plus lots of water slides for adventurous swimmers.
5) Wasserspielplatz Donauinsel Water Playground Danube Island Part of the Danube Island’s impressive offerings, this park offers water play from the littlest to the biggest of children.

Got more time or wheels? Check out some of the lakes and river spots in the areas surrounding Vienna. Our recent joyous discovery is the Aubad Tulln, a man-made lake with sandy beaches, boats and water slides surrounded by green goodness.

Here’s to Speedos, sunshine and sandy beaches in a land-locked country!