Pop Some Tags!

As a child, my mother loved yard sales. She would open the local Rochester, NY paper on Friday to the back section where people would place advertisements for their weekend sales. She would circle the ones of interest and then map out a plan. Saturdays and Sundays after chores she would load us kids into the back of the station wagon and off we would go. She would drive up slow, quickly assessing if it is was worth it or not to stop. If it was a go, she would park the car and then we would wait breathless for what came next, “Alright, you can come out.” Woo-hoo! We would get the chance to find treasure and if we were lucky, the perfect cheap toy that she would approve or we could get bundled into some other purchase. “Stay here!” We would frown and sit like rejected puppies, unable to keep from driving each other crazy in the tight space of the trunk of the car.
We would spend hours each weekend day trekking all across the greater Rochester area all in the quest for the perfect finds. Our house was largely furnished, our bodies mostly clothed and our toy basement stocked by her yard sale finds. While we would whine as she would pull up to yet another unsuspecting family’s driveway, we also knew not to complain too much.

While yard sales are a thing of my past and not the usual weekend fare here, Vienna does offer its fair share of thrifting in the form of flea markets. From the Naschmarkt on Saturdays to the bi-annual fun of the Neubaugasse street market to the joys of children’s flea markets with their beloved old toys spread out on blankets on the street, there are opportunities to find diamonds amidst the coal. And while I love all of these flea markets, my favorite for families is definitely our very own VBC Flea Market. All biased aside, it truly is an amazing market and place to “pop some tags”. Here’s five reasons to fall in love with our fall flea and design market:

1) Real people with really good stuff. Everyone there with tables are real everyday families with all the everyday stuff that comes with having kids. It’s stuff we actually need! And, it’s at prices that won’t make us feel guilty when they grow out of it in a month.
2) Yummy baked goods for good causes. 100% of the profits on the incredible offerings of sweet treats go to help a charitable cause. This time it’s Kinder Krebs Hilfe. A cookie against cancer? Don’t mind if I do 🙂
3) Fun for both children and adults. No need to leave your kids in the car! The VFN Junior Market offers children the opportunity to get into the joys of popping tags with tables of their very own. A great way to help them develop business skills while clearing out their cabinets.
4) Businesses made for us, by us! It’s not just for baked goods and second-hand goodies, it’s also a design market with handmade and unique offerings from businesses from our community. From family photographers to multilingual consultants to that perfect pair of little shoes, the goods and services of the design market are all good!

5) Friends old and new It’s not only deals on older clothes and toys that we look forward to catching: it’s catching up with old friends that we may not have seen in a bit. And true to all VFN events, it’s also a chance to make some new friends, too.

So, pack your families into cars (or into public) and get out to the fall VFN International Flea and Design Market this coming Sunday, October 22nd at the Berufsschule Hans Mandel from 9-1pm. Pop some tags and fall in love with flea market fun!