About VBC

The Vienna Babies Club (VBC) is an english-speaking support network for expats who are pregnant or have small children (up to 14 years) and are living in and around Vienna. It is a non-profit organization founded by international parents, and is run by volunteer members.

We all know that living in a foreign country without family or a support network can be difficult. But add pregnancy and children to the mix and it suddenly gets a whole lot harder. Don’t panic, because we’re here to help.

Ready-made support

The VBC provides support to its members by organising regular informal meetings in English around the city to connect you with other expat parents at the same pregnancy stage, or with young children of the same age. This provides you with a ready-made support network, where you can get advice on pregnancy, birth, and life in Vienna with young children from people in exactly the same position as you.

These include receiving a weekly notices email that includes recommendations from other members for services such as nannies and household help, the chance to buy and sell child-related (and non-related) products, and details of more social and demographic groups that you can join. You can also advertise your business on our website. We host monthly meetings and throw elaborate Christmas Parties for all our members, and organise our now infamous biannual flea market.

Over 1000 members and rising

The VBC has over 2400 members from nearly 100 countries. The VBC is also a valuable source of information on many different child-related issues, most of which you can find on this website. We invite you to click around a bit to find out more about us and get general information that might be helpful to you.