How We Started

In the 1990s, British midwives founded the Vienna Childbirth Trust based on the National Childbirth Trust, which is a membership charity in Great Britain dealing with pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. The idea was to provide a support network for international parents living in Vienna who were pregnant or had small children.

The VBC Boom

By 2002, the VBC was 35 members strong and headed by Melanie Feitzinger. At that time, members were organised into a single group, meeting in each other’s homes, and all communication was done by quarterly newsletter. Shortly after, Kirsty Weston took the reins and created the first VBC website and membership exploded. Parents and children are now divided into groups based on the age of the children. As of 2013, we have over 1000 members, and each yearly age group is divided into six groups of around 50 members.