Hopefully you now have an idea what the VBC is all about and are interested in joining us and our over 1000+ members from nearly 100 countries. One of the main benefits of being a VBC member is the chance to get to know others in a similar situation to you and get first hand information in a language you can understand on everything to do with pregnancy, birth, and childcare, and life in Vienna with a small child. Additional benefits include our weekly Notices email that includes the chance to buy and sell child-related products. We charge a one-time nominal fee of 35 EUR for lifetime membership per pregnancy, which covers our administrative costs (we are a non-profit organisation).

Embracing diversity

The VBC has members from all over the world, combining many different walks of life, and different parenting ideas and beliefs. We respect and embrace those differences, and expect all our members to do the same. This is about supporting each other as much as possible as we all take on the most challenging and rewarding job in the world.