Terms of Membership


The Vienna Babies Club (VBC) is a volunteer-based organisation. Members are encouraged to volunteer and to contribute to the day-to-day running of the organisation.
The Code of Conduct is intended to provide VBC members with a guideline framework with which members agree to adhere to when joining and maintaining their membership in the VBC. In order to qualify as a VBC member or renew VBC membership, each member will be required to comply with the Code of Conduct and also agree to be subject to the procedures and processes adopted by the VBC to deal with non-compliance or any related issues that may arise in connection with compliance with the Code of Conduct.

Terms and Conditions

I understand that the VBC is an ex-pat organisation made up of parents and their children. Membership is only open to ex-pat parents, therefore child-minders who are not parents are not eligible to join the VBC or attend meetings on behalf of a member. Only members who have joined may attend meetings and events, unless specifically otherwise communicated.
I accept that the information provided in my application form may be stored in the VBC database and used for administrative purposes within the VBC. My information will not be shared with third parties.
I agree to pay a one time fee of 35EUR per pregnancy. I understand that this fee is non-transferrable.. I understand that upon joining the VBC, I will be assigned to a group by the VBC Steering Committee based on the birthday or due date of my child. With my membership, I am only eligible to join the group assigned to me (excluding social and district groups).

It is possible to receive a refund of your membership within 45 days of joining if you are no longer residing in or near Vienna, are no longer pregnant, or otherwise unable to take advantage of the VBC’s offerings. Please contact: info@viennababiesclub.com for more information.

The common language of VBC is English. While English is the common language spoken within the Vienna Babies Club, our meetings are not a suitable forum for teaching and/or improving English as a foreign language. There are, however, a number of groups in Vienna for mothers and babies (mostly from one year upwards) which provide an effective and fun way to learn the English language. Click here for more information.

Code of Conduct

Members have a duty to avoid behaviour that could constitute an act of disorder, misbehaviour, discrimination, harassment or any behaviour which could bring the club or their fellow members into disrepute. 
Members must act in a courteous and respectful manner to each other at all times.

Members have a duty to avoid posting information, data or commentary on the Internet (e.g. via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.), which would be discriminatory, disrespectful or malicious to other members or to the VBC. Members must seek to respect the privacy of other members in their communications via the Internet.


Any breach of the VBC Code of Conduct and or Rules and Regulations will be will considered by the Steering Committee and appropriate action taken. In serious cases, this may result in expulsion from the VBC.
Admission to membership of the VBC is, in all cases, at the discretion of the VBC Steering Committee.